Sunday, December 30, 2012

All Leaders On Board!

Life Group Leaders and Facilitators (this includes those who lead or facilitate a Bible Study), please mark the date of January 13th, after second service on your calendar.  This is GroupLink time!  GroupLink is designed to happen twice a year (January and August) to facilitate brining in more individuals and couples into Life Groups!  Even if your Life Group is full and you are cruising along nicely, your participation is needed to help communicate the benefits and blessings of being part of a Life Group.

The afternoon will start with registration, lunch, gathering around community areas and watching the video promts that get us started on what to do.  We will also see a short video from Andy Stanley that gives us a vision and understanding of the significance of Life Groups in the life of the overall church.

Please join us, and thank you for your commitment to your Life Group!

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